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Donald A. Roberts

Don was born in Detroit, and grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan. He attended University of Michigan undergraduate studies, and received a scholarship to attend Creighton University School of Law. In high school, Don played a number of varsity sports, including tennis and basketball. Don, his two brothers and best friend also had a rock and roll band in high school. Believe it or not, Don was even lucky enough to see the Beatles in person when they came to Olympia Stadium in 1964.

Don has been practicing law in Omaha for over 42 years. During that time, he has specialized in divorce and paternity cases. He has represented clients with little money and clients with many millions of dollars. Don has represented over 3,500 clients with the assistance of his legal secretary, who has worked with him for over 28 years. Don and his team’s vast experience is a great asset to his clients.

Don and his wife have five children and nine grandchildren, all of whom live in the Omaha area. Don’s son, Justin, has followed in Don’s footsteps and also practices family law at Lustgarten & Roberts.

While attending Creighton Law School, Don was a law clerk for Steve Lustgarten who was one of the pre-eminent divorce lawyers in Omaha. A couple of years after graduation, Don ran into Steve, and they talked about forming a law partnership. They met in the basement of Steve’s home, shook hands, and Lustgarten & Roberts was formed. For all the years of their partnership, before Steve’s death in 2014, they never had a written partnership agreement.

When Don isn’t practicing law, he prefers working with his hands. He restores vintage automobiles, and makes fine furniture, typically Mission style beds, dressers and side boards.

Don’s wife is the owner of a quilt shop she started 17 years ago in Gretna, Nebraska. She is an accomplished quilter, with her designs and quilts being featured in many magazines. She has also published several books about quilting.

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